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About Solemio

About Solemio

Solemio comes from a Latin word which means “Rising sun”. It is the renowned brand that captures the essence of professionalism and style. It is designed specially for young and dynamic professionals who want to make a lasting impression. With four distinct sub-brands inspired by the classical cities of Italy, Solemio offers a range of formal, casual, party wear and versatile outfits.

FORMAL – DI CLASSE – Rome: Di Classe presents a meticulously crafted collection of formal wear,
designed with the signature style and precision reminiscent of the famous Roman art.

CASUAL – CONFORTO – Florence: Conforto offers a wide selection of cool and comfortable casual wear,
taking inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of Florence. It promises great looks with a completely
relaxed feel, perfect for after-hours.

PARTY WEAR – FESTA – Venice: Festa represents vibrant colors and the magical experiences of the
floating city of Venice. This collection showcases dazzling designs and styles that leave an unforgettable
impression at any social gathering.

VOLTE – Milan: Volte is a unique collection crafted for those exciting times when an outfit is suitable for
both formal and casual occasions. It provides versatility without compromising on style.